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Stronghold Entertainment, LLC prides itself in providing family friendly, high quality, story driven wrestling entertainment for all ages. Our team of creative writers, commentators, and workers have all been professionally trained and come with years of experience working in square circles all over the world. Deep stories and well-developed characters help Stronghold Entertainment provide a quality that our competitors often lack, and attention to fan feedback allows us to ensure a positive experience for our audience time and time again.  

The Coach    
Brandon K

The Warden    
Kristy K

The Top Chef  
Momma K

The Godfather 
Papa K

Head Coach of the Stronghold Training Center.  24 Year Wrestling Vet

Cracking the whip with an adorable smile.

The Queen of nom noms.  

We make him do everything.  He loves it

Ryse In Photos

Photo Credit: AJ SMALL

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